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“Mindbody Wellness Coaching is not just for the health of the body, but also for the mind, heart & soul”

What is Mindbody Wellness Coaching?


Mindbody Wellness Coaching is a specialised therapy

approach integrating: 


  • positive psychology

  • counselling methods

  • solution focused coaching

  • mindfulness techniques 

  • somatic release techniques


There is also the option for nutritional coaching if needed. This approach supports you to shift limiting thought patterns, navigate the challenges of daily life with calm, clarity & ease and move you towards the life you desire.


What is Mindbody Wellness Coaching helpful for?


While having a healthy body is a part of optimal wellness, it's only part of the picture. Our work, our relationships, our sense of meaning & purpose, and our ability to live authentically all are key contributors to our wellness. Therefore, Mindbody Wellness Coaching not only takes into account the health of your body, but also of your mind, heart and soul. 

Mindbody Wellness Coaching is highly effective for working on issues such as:

  • Achieving optimal health & wellbeing, including weight loss & chronic disease prevention/reversal

  • Clarifying life direction & purpose

  • Supporting you through major life transitions

  • Empowering you to let go of your limitations so you can step into a life of authenticity & inner peace


Used together, Hypnotherapy & Mindbody Wellness Coaching can be truly transformative, allowing you to achieve the peace, joy and freedom you’ve been yearning for with surprising ease.


NDIS Participants

I am an independent NDIS provider, which means you can claim for my services if your NDIS plan is self or plan managed, and the therapy delivered aligns with your plan goals.


Have questions about what working together might look like for you? Get in touch here or make a time for a free phone consult here.


"I saw Samantha about working through 12 years of continuous trauma: I'd seen a psychologist and several allied health practitioners, which all helped, but even in knowing how I should feel, my initial emotional responses would continue to trigger panic spirals. Hypnotherapy helped me get important ideas about how I could feel differently into my subconscious mind, so that I didn't have to fight my reactive emotional responses so much.

I was used to healing being hard and painful and sometimes impossible, and it was hard to believe how strangely lovely and easy the process could be. I've experienced what feels like a complete turn around in how I deal with anxiety and past trauma, and the positive effect on my body has even saved me money on physical therapy long term. It has dramatically changed how I feel every day for the better and it was everything I needed to move forward."

Miranda, SA

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“It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is that you are flowering” 

- Osho

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