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I'm Samantha, Mindbody Therapist 

Supporting your wellness - mind, body & soul

As a Mindbody Therapist, I use a blend of modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindbody Wellness Coaching to holistically heal a range of physical and emotional issues.


Some of my focus areas are: 

  • anxiety

  • emotional eating

  • weight loss,

  • relationships 

  • trauma resolution​

Addressing trauma is key, because trauma leaves imprints in the body that, if not expressed and cleared, can continue to impact you with physical and mental symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, addictive behaviours and relationship challenges, to name a few.


If you’re experiencing any of these things, please know that there’s a reason for it. Your symptoms are simply your body’s way of trying to communicate with you. It’s an attempt to rebalance your nervous system and keep you safe.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful way of connecting with the origin of your symptoms, giving you the opportunity to resolve the experience on a subconscious level. 


Mindbody Wellness Coaching integrates your healing into your life and moves you towards the life you desire. Used together, these therapies are truly transformative, allowing you to achieve the peace, joy and freedom you’ve been yearning for with surprising ease.

Client testimonials

"I saw Samantha about working through 12 years of continuous trauma: I'd seen a psychologist and several allied health practitioners, which all helped, but even in knowing how I should feel, my initial emotional responses would continue to trigger panic spirals. Hypnotherapy helped me get important ideas about how I could feel differently into my subconscious mind, so that I didn't have to fight my reactive emotional responses so much.

I was used to healing being hard and painful and sometimes impossible, and it was hard to believe how strangely lovely and easy the process could be. I've experienced what feels like a complete turn around in how I deal with anxiety and past trauma, and the positive effect on my body has even saved me money on physical therapy long term. It has dramatically changed how I feel every day for the better and it was everything I needed to move forward."

Miranda, SA

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“ The first and biggest step is believing the life you want is possible. Everything else follows on from there” 


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