Hypnotherapy & Mindbody Wellness Coaching by Samantha Dawn

Hypnotherapy & Mindbody Wellness



I'm Samantha Dawn, a Mindbody Wellness Coach & Hypnotherapist, specialising in Lifestyle Change, Eating Psychology and Plant Based Nutrition.


⁠Through my one-to-one coaching programs & workshops, I can help you to:


Reduce stress & create greater life balance, allowing you to enjoy life more and achieve your goals with less struggle, more ease and more flow.

Shift limiting beliefs & unhealthy patterns that prevent you from making the choices that will nourish you mind, body & soul.

Discover mind-body wellness techniques that allow you you blossom into the best version of yourself.

Uncover what really motivates you so you make lifestyle changes easily and sustain them over the long term⁠.

Develop a relaxed & trusting relationship with food so you never feel deprived. Instead, you enjoy food as the delicious, sensual pleasure nature intended it to be. 


Understand how the food relationship develops in childhood, so you can rewrite old patterns and create healing for yourself, and support any children in your world (even those with sensory challenges) to grow up experiencing good food as a pleasure, not a struggle.


Learn to eat a way that your body loves, allowing you to naturally shed excess weight without dieting, lowering inflammation and filling you with feel-good energy.⁠


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'Knowing what needs to change is important.


Knowing how to make those changes pleasurable will transform your life'



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