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Trying to eat healthy but still reaching for treats? This might be why.

Trying to eat healthy but still reaching for treats? This might be why.

It's a common problem. As a hypnotherapist & mindbody wellness coach I see lots of people seeking weight loss. I've lost count of how many times I've heard people say, "I know exactly what I should be doing...but I just don't do it! Why...what's wrong with me?!"

The frustration is real. Repeated over and over, it can lead to loss of self esteem and give rise to feelings of hopelessness.

You might have experienced it yourself. You wake up in the morning full of the best intentions to make THIS the day you start taking better care of yourself. You're going eat more veggies, get to that exercise class, and stop stressing out about all the things - but end up collapsing into the bed at the end of the day feeling so disappointed with yourself because none of it happened. Just like every other day. There are always a million excuses, wrapped up as reasons.

Well please hear me when I say, it's not happening because of some defect or deep-seated psychological problem, or because you were out of the room when they gave out willpower. There is likely NOTHING wrong with you at all.

While this happens to all of us from time to time, if it happens regularly for you, chances are there’s a misalignment between your goals (which come from your logical mind) and the priorities of your emotional & intuitive minds, which drive your inner beliefs, unconscious patterns and habitual thought processes.

You see, as humans, our behaviour and choices aren’t driven by our logical minds as much as you might think. Information doesn’t equal action.

Our logical minds may know perfectly well what a healthy lifestyle looks like, but the choices we make moment to moment are largely habitual and unconscious.

That’s why successful, long-term change is an inner process, and one that happens most easily when it’s driven by the subconscious and intuitive parts of you.

Rather than just setting your intentions and hoping for the best, the real starting point for successful change always begins with understanding and aligning your logical mind with your emotional and intuitive minds.

Meditation and journaling are great ways to access these deeper parts of yourself. If this isn’t enough, hypnotherapy and wellness coaching are powerful tools for bringing you into balance.

When you approach lifestyle change by working with these inner drivers, aligning them with what you really want for yourself, making good choices for yourself becomes easier and more effortless.

Rather than feeling like a chore or something that takes a lot of willpower, nourishing choices will simply be what you want to choose. Eventually, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

About Samantha Dawn

Samantha Dawn is a Mindbody Therapist & creator of the Illumine Method. She specialises in Life Transitions & Direction, Trauma Resolution, Weight Loss, Emotional Eating, Anxiety & Relationships.

Samantha consults in Adelaide, South Australia and online. Book a consult with Samantha here.


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