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Feeling anxious? Try this simple practice.

Have you been finding yourself feeling anxious and unsettled by everything that’s happening in the world right now? If you have, it’s worth stopping and asking yourself, ‘What are you feeding your mind?’

Just like a healthy body needs fresh, vibrant food to nourish us, so too do we need to be mindful of the content we consume and how it’s impacting our wellbeing.

When we take in too much fear-based information it sets the stage for us to engage in comforting, but insidiously self-destructive behaviours like comfort eating or over-consuming in other ways, creating a negatively reinforcing downward spiral that can leave us feeling even more anxious and powerless.

One of the most helpful things you can do to bring yourself back to a state of calm is to bring yourself back into the present moment.

Try this simple practice, and see how it makes you feel:

Breathe. Look around you.

Ground yourself in your body.

Breathe some more.

Consciously relax the muscles of your face, your shoulders, your hands.

Think about what you’re grateful for right now. You might realise that you have a lot to be grateful for.

Allow the feeling of gratitude to fill your heart. Notice how it feels. Does it feel warm, expansive, tingly…?

Let it flow through you and soften all the parts of you that you’ve been holding tight.


What do you notice?

Practice doing this throughout the day, to keep yourself feeling more calm and grounded.

Also, it’s worth being proactive in setting limits for yourself about how much you’re engaging with negative content. Balance staying informed with caring for your wellbeing.

Rather than continuously gravitating back to what’s happening in the media or online, look for moments every day to engage in warm, positive connection with the people around you, either in person or virtually.

Recalibrate yourself from fear to love.

Repeat, over and over again. It’s a practice.

And always, reach out for support if you need.

About Samantha Dawn

Samantha Dawn is a Mindbody Therapist & creator of the Illumine Method. She specialises in Life Transitions & Direction, Trauma Resolution, Weight Loss, Emotional Eating, Anxiety & Relationships.

Samantha consults in Adelaide, South Australia and online. Book a consult with Samantha here.


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