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Beetroot & Lentil Salad with Apple & Mint

2-3 beetroot

2 granny smith apples, peeled and diced in to 1 cm cubes

250 g cooked puy lentils (equivalent to 1 x 400g tin lentils), rinsed and drained

1 bunch coriander, roughly chopped

1 small bunch mint, roughly chopped

1 Lebanese cucumber, diced into 1 cm cubs

2-3 spring onions sliced, or 1/4 red onion, finely diced

Juice of 1 lemon

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Sea salt flakes if desired

Wash the beetroot well and trim off the leaves, leaving a couple of centimetres of the stems still attached.

Place into a large saucepan, cover with water and boil until tender (ie a skewer will slide in easily).

Allow the beetroot to cool in the cooking water, if you have time, otherwise take the pot to the sink and add cold water to the hot until the water is cold. Peel by rubbing the skins off with your fingertips.

Dice the beetroot into 1 cm dice and place into a large bowl. Add the apple, lentils, coriander, mint, cucumber and onions/spring onion. Mix gently to combine.

Drizzle over the lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper. Gently toss the dressing through the salad and serve at once, or if refrigerating for later, bring to room temperature before serving.


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