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Helping you blossom into who you most want to be




Samantha applies a holistic approach integrating positive psychology coaching methods, hypnotherapy and mindset work as well as energy shifting techniques to help create powerful breakthroughs, healing and transformation for her clients.

As connection is vital to our wellbeing, Samantha provides strategies to facilitate mindful, positive and effective communication, enhancing and strengthening positive relationships between loved ones.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to facilitate change where unhelpful thought patterns/behaviours are unable to be shifted cognitively.


This is because hypnotherapy takes you gently into theta brainwave states, where the conscious mind is more relaxed and less resistant to new ideas, and the subconscious mind is heightened and so, more suggestible. Many people only experience this state in that fleeting space between wakefulness and sleep.


When we can access this state and remain there for a period of time, we can open ourselves to the incredible healing potential of the mind and body. Long-standing negative patterns & beliefs can be reflected on, questioned & replaced with more positive & empowering ones, allowing you to break through and release negative thought and behaviour patterns.


In addition, during this deep, focused rest, tightly held cumulative mental and emotional stress stored in the body can be released, engaging the innate capacity the body has to heal itself.


What people are saying



The hypnotherapy & coaching I did with Sam have changed my life profoundly.


I'm eating better, sleeping better, feeling more genuinely optimistic about the future and about myself. I’m more accepting of the past me and the past of other people. I’m more calm and serene.


I feel refreshed and reborn and I can't wait for the future.



The whole process was life-changing. As someone who's always there for others, it was incredible to have someone there just for me.


Working with Sam allowed me to go deeper & deeper into understanding myself, leading me to new insights about old patterns and beliefs that were holding me back - things I didn't even realise were there.



I found Sam to be such a genuine, caring person, surprising me many times with her advice, tools and explanations on a way forward.


When I first saw her I was very stuck and not able to move on. I now use the techniques and tools she taught me every day and feel connected in mind, body and spirit.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

– Carl Jung

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