Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching to help you blossom|Samantha Dawn

Helping you blossom
into who you most
want to be



Often, we know exactly what we should be doing to support our wellness and create a life that really feels good, but we just can't seem to sustain changes over the long term.


That’s where hypnotherapy & coaching can help. Samantha will work with you, starting wherever you are right now, to help you upgrade the subconscious patterns, thought processes and beliefs that may be holding you back, and create a tailored strategy to put you back in control of your health and your life.


Because we're all unique, with our own individual strengths, challenges and gifts, there is no one-size-fits all approach.


Samantha's superpower is shining a kind and gentle light upon the resources and strengths you already have within you, bringing them to the fore using a combination of positive psychology, solution-oriented coaching and hypnotherapy, helping you create a life that's in alignment with what you truly desire for yourself.

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