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Do you wish that your child would be more relaxed about eating nourishing foods, like fruits and vegetables? Do you worry that they eat ‘too much’ or ‘too little’?


Samantha can teach you how to end the struggle with your children’s eating, helping them to learn to enjoy a wide range of foods, and transforming family mealtimes into the joyful, pleasurable time together they’re meant to be.


Helping your children develop a positive relationship with food in childhood not only allows them to enjoy the foods that are good for them, it helps them grow up into adults who feel good about their bodies and trust in their ability to make good choices for themselves. By working on their food relationship now, you’ll be setting them up to live a healthy life in the future.


Food is the glue that binds us together socially and culturally, and the opportunities to share food with others can feel endless, especially when you or your child has a problem with eating. It can feel like it impacts your whole life.


Left untreated, issues with fussy/picky eating can have lasting impacts on a child’s physical, social and emotional development. Often, parents think they’ll just grow out of it, however this is rarely the case.


Samantha follows the Ellyn Satter method of eating support, an evidence based model which is validated by research and employed by healthcare professionals and educators around the world.


You may need eating support if:

Your child is afraid of trying new foods

They have a very limited amount of foods that they’ll eat

You avoid social events because your child won’t eat any of the foods on offer

You plan your days around what your child will or won’t eat

Family mealtimes are a source of stress

The thought of putting another meal on the table feels overwhelming

You’d like them to eat more fruits and vegetables, but they reject everything you offer

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, get in touch below to see how we can support you. We can help.

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